Игра во взводе с ботом.

Здесь делимся опытом использования CyberShip: на чем лучше фармить, какие настройки наиболее эффективны и т.п.

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Вт окт 20, 2020 3:26 pm

  • Hello.

    Yes, I have. I manually set up two clients and bot, join the division. Then manually hit ready on both and launch the game.

    once that is done, i start the bots, selecting the "End after battle" command.

    The games start, the bots act as they would normally (But often go separate directions. I am not sure what decides on the bot behavious on the different maps or different ships, but they rarely stay together) and it works ok. However, you then have to wait for the game to end or both bots to be dead before manually leaving the game. Then you can either pick other ships with both (If the first game is still running) or repeat the above, manually readying up and starting game and bot.

    It works, but there is a bit of manual work to be done. Personally, i set the bots running in one div game, then set an alarm for 15-20 minutes and go do something else before coming back and restarting it. Not as effective as just the bot running normally, but with the bonus of being able to farm recruitment points for example.

    I have only done it with two ships, but see no reason why it wouldn't work just as well with a third if you set that up.

    Hope that helps!

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