If WoWS ASIA 0.9.7 supported ?

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Пт авг 28, 2020 12:27 pm

  • Hi all,

    I downloaded CYBER SHIP 2.0.1, with WoWS ASIA

    However, after I entering the key which I purchased for CyberTank months ago.

    CYBERSHIP keeps telling me Игра недоступна (Game not Available).

    Even when my WoWS was still in 0.9.6 version, it doesn't work as well

    And I cannot do anything to make Cybership works.

    I would like ask if Cybership 2.0.1 support WoWS Asia 0.9.7 ?

    The windows I am using is WIN10 x64.

    P.S not Chinese, I tried the CN version, still not working.

    Thank you soooooooo much for your help.

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  • Manaik писал(а):i think our CyberTank and CyberShip versions and keys are only for the following regions: RU, EU, NA

    ohhh what a pity :(
    wish it could support Asia in the future.
    thanks anyway.

    BTW, the CYBERTANK does work in WOT Asia.

    One more question, is CyberShip CN real ? or just a scam for Chinese ?

    Thank you

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