This forum is for English-speaking CyberTank users. Here is allowed only the English language. Flood is not allowed but only topics about CyberTank expirience, bugs and etc.

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Пт май 22, 2020 3:08 pm

  • :!: We remind all users of the safety rules:

    • To prevent a large number of battles per day, this entails a great risk of detecting a bot.
    • It is advisable not to exceed 60-70 (the maximum average number of battles on servers per day per person according to the top lists) of battles per day.
    • Set the time parameters (breaks, waiting time, usage time) in the settings that are most similar to the behavior of a real player.
    • Keep an eye on notifications of suspicious chat messages, in case of bot detection it is better to take a break.
    • Farm on SPG is safer, although less profitable.
    • Remember, the higher the level of battles, the higher the chance of detection.
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