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  • the bot is so good and still not detected on the EU server :)

    im botting 24/7 since 2 months and nothing happens, no ban.

    Interval covers 61 days (on average 236.8 battles per day) = almost 15k battles in 2 months.

    overall i have botted almost 40k battles with cybertank since august last year, soon i will have all tier 10 tanks.
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  • I have two accounts on EU driven explicitly by CT :)
    It was run 24/7, but one of the accounts with 6102 battles is banned for one month
    another one with 8388 battles, and it is not banned :)

    For now I stopped those bot accounts and farm silver on my main, but setup around 60 battles per day (WG thrown me away once from hall of fame, earlier I had ~120 battled per day).

    Using prem account with 60 battles daily 4 prem tanks of 5th level are able to farm around 1 million of silver, so it is pretty enough to play manually with full gold shells :)

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