just wondering whats wrong with CT

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  • :!: Download and install a new game client, without modifications. Then reinstall bot. Modifications can not be used together with the bot. The screen indicates that you are using a modification. In particular, the modified carousel and a hangar.

    :arrow: We recommend using CyberTank on a clean game client, where no addons or modifications were ever installed. When starting CyberTank, do it with Administrator privilegies, disable all anti-viruses, firewalls, system updates, notifications, and programs that require access to the network. This ensures stable operation of the program and makes a search of potential bugs easier, since CT was not tested for compatibility with third-party programs and mods. For better botting experience the game client should be opended in a window (not a full screen) with a minimum display resolution and standard graphics, with all additional visual effects turned off. Use a standard battle mode (no Assault or Encounter Battle mode). Use the standard keys of the game client, do not change them. CT works with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 operating systems.
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