settings for M4 Sherman and M4A3E2

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  • Default settings for medium tanks:
    Caution-4, Aiming-Minimum, Distance-100, Retreat when damage-other positions are off, Repair and Cure-I use a large first aid kit and a large repair kit for a permanent profit-so off everything(While equipped, passively adds 10% to crew's field-repair speed, provides 15% passive resistance to crew injury from penetrating hits). Extinguish, Turn - yes(on). Equimpment-Improved Ventilation, Coated Optics, Gun Rammer, Camouflage. Crew-100%, Skills and Perks: Brothers in Arms, Repair -All, Recon, Snap Shot, Smooth Ride, Situational Awareness, Deadeye, Adrenaline Rush, Off-Road Driving.

    Good luck 8-)
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