Popular improvement suggestions for CyberTank [07 Aug 2015]

This forum is for English-speaking CyberTank users. Here is allowed only the English language. Flood is not allowed but only topics about CyberTank expirience, bugs and etc.

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  • In order to make life easier for the forum users and developers, this post contains the most reasonable and often proposed improvements to Cyber ​​Tank. If you have a sensible proposal, which can be helpful to the community, discuss it in this forum thread. Really worthwhile offers will be added here.

    Actual for CT version 0.3.5. Last Updated (07 August 2015) new proposals are added to the end of the list.

    0. Make English translation of the CyberTank and Website+Forum - Cybertank now speaks English

    1. Improve target selection, taking into account the following parameters:
    1.a. tank class - SPGs is in priority, Tank Destroyers, Heavy Tanks and Medium Tanks go after and Light Tanks have the lowest priority
    1.b. opportunity to penetrate and cause damage
    1.c. chance to kill enemy tank
    1.d. the distance to the target
    1.e. danger to my own tank - if an opponent aims at me, whether he has a chance to get me?
    1.f. the direction of my own barrel and time needed to turn it towards a new target
    1.g. don't switch target or start moving at the end of aiming time
    1.h. enemy's cool-down time

    2. Implement the analysis of the situation on the battlefield in general:
    2.a. safe and unsafe positions on the map
    2.b. SPGs and their possible positions
    2.c. opponents that shoot invisibly for us
    2.d. own behavior with a decrease of enemies and allies (at the end of the game)
    2.e. remember disappeared enemies and take them into account for 1-3 minutes: keep hull at right angle, or go look for that enemy
    2.f. understand buildings and trees additional safe/disguise places
    2.g. go to the shelter when 6th sense alerts
    2.h. don't engage into the fight or don't leave the shelter, if the number of opponents compare to the number of allies are not in our favor

    3. Add the bot mode of participation in the platoon and all that this implies (focus the enemy, follow human's tank, join dynamic platoon and so on.)

    4. Add adaptive behavior, depending on the
    4.a. tank class, which went into battle
    4.b. position in the "at the top of the list" and "at bottom of the list"
    4.v. remaining "health"

    5. Correct behavior when bot
    5.a. Backs allies
    5.b. is aiming enemy behind a mountain / hill or building, which will not appear soon
    5.c. climbs the hill, under which is the enemy

    6. Modify the selection of tank whom bot will follow:
    6.a. go with a large group
    6.b. go with same tier and/or the same class

    7. If no penetration of the enemy after n retries:
    7.a. change the type of shells (most importantly do not forget to switch back and forth)
    7.b. a change own position or aim, if any

    8. Stop botting after
    8.a. getting needed amount of experience on certain tank
    8.b. reducing the number of credits to a certain level
    8.v. n wins on a certain tank

    9. Add a simple bot game statistics: the number of battles, winrate, profitability, etc..

    10. Implement automatic module and tanks research and buy, if possible.

    11. Add the ability to launch the battle tank on a schedule: for example, from 9.30 to 13.40 and from 15.00 to 19.00. With the abandonment of the current time intervals and pauses between battles.

    12. Add the ability to send standard messages in chat when capturing the base, at a victory, when help needed, mark targets and others., But not constantly - with a certain frequency.

    13. Add the knowledge of tank penetration areas

    14. Add the delay at the beginning of the battle of a few (5-20) seconds

    15. Fix barrel aiming to the sky when moving - Done

    16. Add the automatic change of the server after n battles

    17. Add the ability to click a button or tick "Stop the bot after the battle"

    18. Add ability to save bot configurations into a file

    19. Add the ability to set the angle at which tank stand when defending/shooting.

    20. If the tank ideally defends and receives no damage, it must not retreat

    21. Make it possible for CyberTank to autostart game, as it does when game crashes.

    22. Prohibit the bot to shoot at the enemy, if there is a big chance to hit teammate

    23. If the CT controls a tank with automatic loading mechanism, the drum isn't full and the imminent appearance of the enemy is not expected - reload the drum.

    24. Add the ability to specify the number of battles from (___) to (____)

    25. In the case of emerging problems with entering the game, retry with increasing interval and stop trying after N failed attempts

    26. Send @s to a bot owner reporting game statistics, and fatal errors

    27. Capturing the base CT should not stand still, but move or hide behind the shelters or in the bushes.

    28. Sell 5k/10k battles packages or any arbitrary number of battles

    Updated 16 July 2015.

    29. Make accepting payments through WebMoney.
    So far it's not possible because Webmoney is not cooperating with projects like ours. WebMoney does not want to accept your money to our project, not our project to take them.

    30. Make the automatic shutdown of the game client, bot program and a computer after the end of botting.
    With limited programming resources necessary to select the highest priority goals. Bot must be good at botting and not be all-in-one program. You can set the timer to turn the computer off after 20 minutes: Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound \ Power . Since the bot controls the mouse and keyboard, computer will shutdown only after bot stops.

    31. Change the interface of the bot, so that the main screen doesn't show activation key. Many users doing screen shots show their keys in the forum.

    Updated 07 Aug 2015.
    32. Improve the tips in the bot: "I'm going to base" should be replaced by "Moving to capture the base", "Moving to defense the base"

    33. Add maintenance log file with the following information:
    Time pressing "Start Battle" and "stop";
    Time of entry into the battle and name of the tank;
    Time of the end of the battle
    The result of the battle

    34. Termination of the use of high level (ability to adjust to any lvl) tanks, when credit balance goes below XXX (can be set) and when silver excess the threshold, use those tanks again.
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