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This forum is for English-speaking CyberTank users. Here is allowed only the English language. Flood is not allowed but only topics about CyberTank expirience, bugs and etc.

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  • for english-speaking users we introduce cite is in development, but can be used already

    :!: Important! It is not recommended to install mods, as it may lead to the game being unstable. After uninstalling the old version, before installing the new version, clean folders of the CyberTank.

    The currently stable version is

    :!: This version is not compatible with the Chinese server!

    :: As already written above, in previous versions we have introduced new measures to counter detection. This does not mean that the use of CyberTank is 100% safe. This could indicate only the absence of long-term mass bans. As before, we do not recommend botting on Russian servers. Remember that you are using CyberTank at your own risk, a threat to ban the account is more than real.

    Additionally it can be introduced new settings and functions. What and when? Follow the news and everything will be ASAP :gamer:
    Before writing new requests, see what has already been implemented and proposed in this section!

    Version update:
    • Added multi account settings:
      bot can now switch between several accounts,
      with different settings for each account.
      it uses Wargaming Game Center functionality,
      so each used account should be added to WGC.

    Version update:
    • Compatible with Wot 1.10
    • Fixes for changed maps (Prokhorovka, Cliff, Ruinberg)
    • Support for Pearl River map

    Version 0.4.6 update:
    • Support for 64-bit version of the game, now there is no need to run 32-bit version of WoT for CT.
    • Problems with game updates are fixed, CT is able to resume operation after the WoT update is completed. This feature requires Game Center using.
    • Support for future version of the game and new map of Berlin.

    Version update:
    • Some small bugfixes

    Version update:
    • Autoupdate fix
    • Changed SPG position on Fisherman's Bay map

    Version update:
    • Fix for new elements in hangar not being recognized if graphics is disabled
    • Update for changes in Fisherman's Bay map

    Version update:
    • Compatible with Wot 1.8
    • Fix for changes in hangar after latest patch
    • Automatic updates of bot
    • Launcher restarts bot in case of crash
    • Some changes to increase connection to key server stability

    Version update:
    • Compatible with Wot 1.7.1
    • Fixed bug from previous version
    • Added support for new tanks with 2 guns

    Version updates:
    • New Year hangar support disabled, standard hangar support enabled.
    • Fixed bug in suspicious messages from the game chat

    Version updates:
    • fixed recognition of some New Year hangar elements

    Version updates:
    • Fixed "disable mods" option
    • Fixed bug in hangar

    Version updates:
    • Compatible with Wot 1.6.1
    • Fixes on some maps

    Version updates:
    • Autoaim now works on Global Map
    • Now you can sort the tanks - click on any column header
    • Fixed unnecessary client restarts
    • Fixed Reserve Stock window not closing
    • Fixes on Erlenberg map

    Version updates:
    • Compatible with Wot 1.5.1
    • added support of the map “Kharkov”
    • Fixed bug in suspicious messages from the game chat

    Version updates:
    • Compatible with Wot 1.5.0. backward compatible with
    • “Rewards for Merit” window support fix for some systems.
    • We returned platoon with bot support, but bot cannot be commander - we decided that full bot platoon is too suspicious and draws too many unneeded attention and reports.
    • Disabled auto shooting in Autoaim mode.

    Version updates:
    • bug fixes on some maps

    Version 0.4.4 updates:
    • Adaptation to Wot 1.4.1.
    • “Rewards for Merit” window support.
    • Improved arty position on Himmelsdorf.
    • Adaptation for changes on maps.

    Version updates:
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

    Version updates:
    • Adaptation to Wot 1.4.0.
    • Improvements in arty targets selection.
    • Added map Ghost Town.
    • Wheeled vehicles support

    Version updates:
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

    Version updates:
    • fixed recognition of some New Year hangar elements

    Version updates:
    • Adaptation to Wot 1.3.0.
    • Improvements in arty.
    • Added map Hinterland for Grand Battles.
    • Updated maps Mannerheim Line, Himmelsdorf, Pilsen and Fisherman’s Bay.
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

    Version updates:
    • Adaptation to Wot 1.2.0.
    • Add maps Empire's Border.
    • Updated maps Highway, Widepark and some others.
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

    Version updates:
    • fixed bug with closing new personal missions reward screen
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

    Version updates:
    • Adaptation to Wot 1.1.0.
    • Add maps Minsk, Studzianki.
    • Updated maps Paris, Pilsen, Sweden, Siegfried Line, Mines, Province.
    • Improved artillery shooting.
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

    Version 0.4.3 updates:
    • Adaptation to Wot 1.0.2.
    • Updated maps Fjords, Erlenberg, Malinovka, Caucasus and known driving problems fixed
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

    Version 0.4.2 updates:
    • Fixed a subtle bug, because of which the game sometimes freezes when starting CT.
    • Fixed a sudden tank stop during battle.
    • Fixed closing of some dialog windows.
    • Improved choice of points for aiming.
    • Improved tank retreat.
    • Fixed a bug of jerking AT-SPG.
    • Corrections of maps and positions of SPG.

    Version 0.4.1 updates:
    • Adaptation to Wot 1.0, including the update of all maps.
    • The artillery mode was completely redesigned and significantly improved.
    • Improvements for preventing bot detection.
    • Enhance the protection of CyberTank from cracking. Therefore, the program can run longer on some computers.
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

    Version 0.4.0 updates:
    • SPG support!
    • improved retreat.
    • camera and mouse movements are more human like now.
    • some improvements in battle logic
    • small fixes and improvements.

    Version updates:
    • Adaptation for 9.21.0 client
    • fixes on some maps

    Version updates:
    • Adaptation for client

    Version updates:
    • fixed conflict with some popular mods
    • improvements in pathfinding

    Version updates:
    • Adaptation for 9.20 client
    • New sound notification about suspicious message in game chat allows you to react in time and take control or answer on such an insinuation.
    • Changes in bot logic: now bot should play faster and be less bot-like.
    • fixes and improvements

    Version updates:
    • Adaptation for 9.19.1 client
    • The long-awaited option to launch a tank into battle only to get a double (x2, x3 ...) experience !!! to enable: Settings->tanks->Priority->Only x2
    • New functionality: CT monitors game chat and informs you if some team member said something like "bot". in this case you will see link "suspicious message in chat" in CT window.
      this option could be disabled in CT settings ("watch the chat about bot detection"), BUT we really appreciate if you will use it and send us ([email protected]) replays when team member call you "bot" of other related info - it will help us make CT better, safer and great again! and who knows, maybe some day bot will somehow react on such a insinuations)
    • Now important notifications are displayed directly in the bot window
    • Protection of the key from interception by third parties during transmission over the network
    • many small fixes and improvements
    • We continue to work on SPG mode support implementation

    Version updates:
    • Fixed some interface recognition\control bugs in hangar
    • Adaptation for Common Test 9.19
    • Small fixes and improvements
    • We started work on SPG mode support implementation!

    Version updates:
    • Fixed game interface recognition for some systems
    • Fixed conflict with CT version installed as a mod
    • Camera control in battle could be disabled in options now (but not recommended)
    • Changes in interface control modes: We highly recommend to use "Recognition" mode - it imitates manual control and is much more humanlike.
    • Small fixes and improvements

    Version updates:
    • Compatible with client 9.18.
    • Increased protection against bot detection - KT now uses mouse for all operations in hangar. You can disable this option in case of technical problems and use an old input emulation type instead.
    • New option in settings - "Disable game mods": KT restarts game client in safe mode. it should help a lot to users with mods installed in client used by bot.
    • Corrections in maps, including Paris.
    • Scalability added for high resolution screens in Windows.
    • Fixed autoim stopping working after a few battles on some systems.
    • Bug fixes and improvements, including memory leak problem.

    Version updates:
    • Compatible with client 9.17.
    • Corrections to improve the ride on many maps. Added the new Swedish tank mechanic.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements.

    Version updates:
    • Compatible with client 9.16.
    • Corrections to improve the ride on many maps. In particular, significantly reduced the likelihood of a fall from a bridge.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements.

    Version updates:
    • Fixed bug for tanks with automatic reload(drum).
    • Decreased probability of incorrect exit to hangar.

    Version updates:
    • Compatible with client 9.15.1.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements.

    Version updates:
    • Compatible with client 9.15.
    • Backlight goals "Automatic Aiming" mode.
    • Corrections drive on problem areas maps.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements.

    Version updates:
    • Fixed "spinning around" and "hanging" while driving.
    • Improve and make more natural turret behavior.
    • Fixed "last battle" error.
    • Correcting errors in the choice of the tank in "Superiority" mode.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements.

    Version 0.3.9 updates:
    • Adaptation of the game version 0.9.14 and map updates.
    • Improvements to protect against detection. New experimental emulation input mode.
    • New mode for CyberTank - "autoaim". This mode replaces the native autoaim function in the game (activated by the right mouse button). Unlike a standard sight it aims most vulnerable point, except that it does not require a precise indication of aim tank to be activated. Autoaim makes a shot if the probability of a successful penetration is over 90%. Using the autoaim absolutely free! We also believe that the use of this mode is safe in terms of the ban, it is different from other similar mods, but there are no guarantees we can give.
    • Improved bot targeting algorithm.
    • Optimize performance on slower computers and laptops CyberTank should not significantly lower FPS.
    • Bot is now able to run the game in multiple copies on the same computer. To do this, use the Windows Remote Desktop feature. Instruction will be published on the forum later.
    • Correction of aiming enemies behind barriers.
    • Many small improvements and bug fixes.

    Version 0.3.8 updates:
    • Improvements in the algorithm of shooting
    • Improvements in detection protection
    • Correction of errors and bugs

    Version updates:
    • Support platoons (master and slave).
    • Corrections in maps. Added map of Industrial Area.
    • Restarting play when hovering.
    • Possibility to stop the CT after the current battle. Lets not wait for the end of the fight before stopping.
    • CT learned to take the flags, and to be in the mode of Excellence.
    • Many small improvements and bug fixes.

    Version updates:
    • Remedy retreat when hit.
    • Remedy for tanks that do not appear in the list.
    • Correction of minor errors and shortcomings as well as some optimization.

    Version 0.3.7 updates:

    After updating the game client, reinstall CT (update distribution)!

    As everyone knows, WG again declared war to bots. In this release we have closed many detection methods that could be used by Wargaming. However, at the current time, we can not give any guarantees from the ban. Therefore, this is an experimental release, according to this, for some time, we allow use CT for free. You can use any keys, purchased or demos and botting with them will not be charged.

    We fixed in 0.3.7 release:
    • Protection against bot detection.
    • Adapting to Wot 0.9.12.
    • Supports battles "Fight to the last."
    • Change algorithms tied to allies. KT is trying to choose those who are straight ahead.
    • Error correction.

    Version updates:
    • New option to retreat while reloading weapon. It will be useful for tanks with a long recharge time, such as KV-2
    • Changes in the logic while following allies to reduce direction change at the beginning.
    • Protection against blocking allies.
    • Fix CT crashes at certain situations.
    • Fix paths on the map Lassville.
    • Correction of minor bugs and defects.

    Version 0.3.6 updates:
    • Corrections of pathes on several maps, including Redshire.
    • Further development of safe zones siding on many maps. Big thanks to GoldBot user for that work.
    • Changing the retreat logic. Correction of "tanking backwards."
    • Correction of minor bugs and defects.

    Version 0.3.5 updates:
    • Adaptation to WoT 0.9.10 update
    • Corrections on the Redshire map.
    • Introduced experimental system taking into account safe ways at the beginning of the battle. For now this functionality works only for standard type battles. The system is optional and can be disabled for a specific tank in the settings (option "only safe path").
    • Changing the behavior of capturing enemies' base. Now, CT will be able to stop capturing the base when situation on the map changes.
    • Correction of minor bugs and defects.

    Version 0.3.4 updates:
    • Error with caution

    Version 0.3.3 has been corrected and implemented:
    • Error correction for display graphics of the game.
    • Remedy treatment of crew.
    • Correction of error related to "hang" and "shake" the tank in some situations.
    • Remedy retreat, because of which the tank turned the stern to the enemy.
    • CT now goes to the base of the enemy, if there are less then 3 enemies not counting the artillery.
    • Correcting behavior when get stuck: CT is now trying to go back and forth
    • A small change with payments: it is now possible to buy several keys.
    • The measures were taken to combat unethical users who use multiple accounts with a demo key.

    Update 0.3.2
    What's new:
    • CT now supports English (flag box is in the upper right corner).[/b]
    • Retreat along the direction of the tank.
    • Changes in the calculation of the danger of the enemy: danger increases for nearby opponents.
    • Choosing the path considering its safety.
    • CT goes to the base, when there is little allies or those that are far enough.
    • Fixed using of repair kit, first aid kit and fire extinguisher.
    • Corrections passability on maps. Including "Swamp" map
    • Correcting errors in the auto-login.
    • Fixed issue when barrel is pointed to the sky.

    :idea: Download CyberTank here!

    :arrow: To buy a subscription or activate a trial key go to the main page

    :!: We recommend using CyberTank on a clean game client, where no addons or modifications were ever installed. When starting CyberTank, do it with Administrator privilegies, disable all anti-viruses, firewalls, system updates, notifications, and programs that require access to the network. This ensures stable operation of the program and makes a search of potential bugs easier, since CT was not tested for compatibility with third-party programs and mods. For better botting experience the game client should be opended in a window (not a full screen) with a minimum display resolution and standard graphics, with all additional visual effects turned off. Use a standard battle mode (no Assault or Encounter Battle mode). Use the standard keys of the game client, do not change them. CT works with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 operating systems.

    :!: We advise you to download the latest driver software for your graphical card from the manufacturer’s website! Use only the standard size of system fonts!

    Thank you for using our software! Good luck and have fun!
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  • cybertank can play any SPG now, but it is more effective with fast aiming arty with long range guns.
    make sure you have all standard controls and clean client.
    in current version bot is not very smart in arty mode, so only working setting is aiming level. minimal or below average is ok (some arty with good crew will play better with average or above average aiming level, for example m44 or hummel with BiA and stabilization perk).
    and set mouse sensitivity in arty mode to 75-100% in client settings->controls
    and disable "turn to enemy direction" option.
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