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This forum is for English-speaking CyberTank users. Here is allowed only the English language. Flood is not allowed but only topics about CyberTank expirience, bugs and etc.

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Пн июн 29, 2015 12:59 pm

  • 1: Make version of Cyber Tank in English or include language files that can be translated by any third party. This should be HIGH PRIORITY so that you get more users from around the world, not just users who speak and read Russian.

    2: Set up a PayPal account to accept payments. The cellular payments are fine, but PayPal is used world-wide and accepts ALL major credit cards (Visa, MC, AMEX). Again, this allows for more users to get you MORE MONEY.

    3: Add more payment tiers. 1500 battles, 5000 battles, 10000 battles, and perhaps Unlimited (monthly subscription).

    4: Get a .com domain. Stop relying on a country-specific TLD. Some countries restrict access to other countries' web sites.

    5: Translate your website into an English version...

    The goal for all five of these suggestions is to get your bot into the hands of anyone who wants to use it, who can pay you to use it, thus making you much more money, faster. With more money, you can work harder to improve the bot at a faster pace, thus gaining even more of a following, making MORE money... See how this works?

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