Gui element not be recognized, script will be used

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  • Hi Guys,

    i purchased cybertank and followed the instructions on how to install it on a vm. i tried everything but i cannot get rid of this error : Gui element not be recognized, script will be used
    Only the first tank is used, i disabled scaling running the recommendet resolution. here is a ss of my entire desktop.
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  • :idea: Something is wrong with the VM settings and this is not an error, but a different recognition mode. If you don't want this mode, don't use a VM.
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  • I have this somewhat semi-random on my physical machine... don't worry about it too much.

    Beside that recently my bot started to start and play in "Sniper-Mode". If I press "Shift" just once, it behaves normal and switches between Sniper and 3rd-Person view...
    Happened since the last WoT update, anyone else?

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