settings to minimize ban risk?

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  • very likely accounts also don't get banned if you don't play on them by yourself.
    100% bot battles = no ban. but if you play battles by hand it will get banned. the anti-bot system probably can detect the difference.

    I have been botting an account 24/7 since september, already 25k battles and still no ban. EU server.
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  • I setup the bot to play the same amount I do regularly.

    Number of battles 50-85
    Period 1440
    Pause between battles 30-70
    number before pause 16-24 (so pause about 3-max. 4 times the whole session, otherwise they would see it's always a similar pause length)
    pause length 12-30

    I change those settings slightly on every session depending on how I feel (tired -> longer pauses, less battles / excited -> shorter breaks, more battles) and try not to exceed playing 4 days a week) just they cant distinguish between real games and b011ed games.

    best of luck, guys!

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  • bot plays 40-50 (up to 60 on weekends) battles a day on 6 accounts on EU and NA servers.
    350-400 battles per week, ~1500 monthly, ~80k battles since summer 2015.
    bot rests 2-4 minutes after each 8-10 battles. pause between battles 25-35 sec.
    on 2 accounts i played manually ~50 battles just to finish recruit training missions and now they are played exclusively by bot.
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  • talvisota1997 писал(а):which input system do you use? old or experimental?
    and your accounts are 100% played by bot, so you dont play on them by yourself?
    do you have 80k battles on each of the accounts or all battle counts added together?

    i use old system.
    some accounts are played by bot, on some i play on weekends or during events, one account is 20% played by specially trained kid)
    80k is the overall count. the most played account has 35k, the newest one about has only 5k.
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